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•1/4 cup Sugar (or to taste)
•1 cup Water
•1 thinly sliced Orange
•1 thinly sliced Lime
•1 750-ml bottle Red or Rose Wine
•6 oz. Sparkling Water

Other fruit as desired (i.e., bananas, strawberry) Dissolve sugar in water in large pitcher. Add fruit and wine and 12 or more ice cubes. Stir until cold. Add sparkling water. Serve in red-wine glasses, putting some fruit in each glass.


•3/4 oz. Myers's Original Dark Rum
•1/4 oz. Martell Cognac
•1/4 oz. orgeat
•1 1/2 oz. Tropicana Orange Juice
•1 1/2 oz. lemon juice
•1/2 cup of crushed ice

Blend ingredients with crushed ice in blender for 15 seconds. Pour into and old fashioned glass over ice cubes. Garnish with orange slice and mint sprig.


Snickers Bar

•1/3 shot Frangelico
•1/3 shot Buttershots Schnapps
•1/3 shot creme de cacao (white)
•Hot chocolate

Add liqueurs to steaming hot chocolate. Top with whipped cream and a sprinking of crushed peanuts.



•2 oz. Hot Shot Tropical Fruit Liqueur
•2 oz. Grapefruit Juice

Pour over ice in a highball glass. Fill with club soda. Add a dash of grenadine for color.


Taste of the Tropics

•1 oz. Blue Maui Schnapps
•1 oz. Bacardi Silver Rum
•1 oz. orange juice
•1 oz. pineapple juice
•Splash Midori
•Splash Sprite or 7Up

Serve in a pint glass after shaking or flash blending. Garnish with a fresh lemon wedge and a cherry.



•1 oz. Tia Maria
•1 oz. white creme de cacao
•1/2 oz. Myers's Rum
•1/2 oz. Baileys Irish Cream
•Vanilla ice cream or half & half
•Splash chocolate syrup

Combine ingredients in order listed with ice and blend until smooth. Pour into a 20-oz. dessert glass and garnish with a small spoon of whipped cream and powdered chocolate.

Nuclear Lemonade

•1/4 oz. Gordon's Citrus Vodka
•1/4 oz. George Dickel #12
•1/4 oz. Yukon Jack
•Splash Bacardi 151
•2 oz. orange juice
•2 oz. pineapple juice
•1 1/2 oz. sour mix

Combine ingredients in shaker with ice. Shake well. Strain into tall, ice-filled glass. Garnish with orange and lemon rounds


Equal Parts:  •Vodka
•Strawberry Liqueur
•Sweet and Sour Mix
•Orange Juice
•Serve over ice in a Collins glass

Zabaglione With Strawberries

•2 cups quartered strawberries
•3 egg yolks
•1/2 cup sugar
•1/2 cup Moscato d'Oro
•Pinch of salt

Divide the strawberries into 2 wine glasses. Fill a saucepan 1/3 full with water and bring to a gentle boil. In a stainless steel bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and sugar. Add the wine and salt. Set the bowl into the saucepan of boiling water. Make sure it fits snugly without touching the water. Whisk the wine mixture vigorously until thick, for 2-3 minutes. Remove the bowl from the heat and spoon the zabaglione over the berries and serve.